PESCO Bill Online Check | Download Your Duplicate Bill – 2024

Introduction to PESCO | A Hassle-Free Guide:

Paying your PESCO bill online is a user-friendly process that significantly simplifies the bill payment experience. It eliminates the need for physical visits to payment centers and allows you to settle your bills at your convenience. Embrace the digital era and take advantage of the secure and efficient online payment options provided by PESCO.

Let’s Pay PESCO Bills Online:

Paying your PESCO bills online is a very easy way. Let’s learn how to pay bill online by following these steps:

  1. Create account: Visit the official website of PESCO. Then create an account, if you already have an account then login with your username and password.  
  2. Access Your Bill: After you logged in your account, you can see your bill after entering the reference number. Their you’ll see how much you need to pay, and how much time you have or due date etc.
  3. Choose Payment Method: After seeing your bill, you can choose how to pay your bill. You can pay by using credit card/debit card, easypaisa/jazzcash, mobile wallets or online transaction.
  4. Review Payment: Check your payment to be satisfied. Once your payment done you’ll receive a payment confirmation mail or message.
  5. Keep your receipt: You can keep your bill receipt or download it for future use. It can helps if there is any mistakes later on.

Check Pesco bill online:

  1. Go to official website: Open your computer and go to the PESCO official website.
  2. Check your Bill: Find a “online bill” button on the dashboard of website. Click on it to move forward.
  3. Give Your Information: In the online bill part, you have to put your details. It means, you have to put your bill reference number in it.
  4. Enter Verification Code: After putting your details or bill reference number. There will be CAPTCHA that you have to complete. It is for security.
  5. Submit Your Bill: After completing  your CAPTCHA , click the “Submit” or “Check Bill” button.
  6. View or Print: After click on submit, you can see your bill. It will usually show your due date, total amount you have to pay for your bill etc. You can also print and download your PESCO BILL.

Benefits of PESCO Bills Online:

  1. Convenient: Paying PESCO bills online is really helpful. You can do it right from your home or office, in just few clicks. This is so helpful for those people who are busy and don’t have any time to go the bank or bill office to pay the bill.
  2. 24 Hours Open: You can pay your bill anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter on which time you’re paying bill. You have this amazing ability to pay it 24 hours. You can check your account or see your bill history anytime.
  3. Saves Time: Online bill payments save you a lot of time. You don’t have to stand in long lanes or go to payment places. You can do it by sitting in your house. It’s a very easiest and quickest way to pay bills.  
  4. Keep your record: When you pay your PESCO bill online, you’ll get a record of your bill payment. It helps you to see your past bills, payments and also helps you to manage your all bill payment history.
  5. Safe and secure: Online payments websites are 100% safe. They keep your personal and payment details secure. This information is safe and no one can access them without your permission.
  6. Different Payment Ways: You can pay your PESCO BILLS using credit card, debit card, easypaisa, jazzcash, nayapay, sadapay, mobile wallets, online transaction and by bank. These different ways make paying your bills online easy.

Pesco bill Deadline:

  1. Pesco rules: Like many other online bill websites, PESCO also has some rules. And you have to pay your bill according to those rules. Suppose to, you have to pay your bill on time before your deadline.
  2. Natural Accidents: If any natural accident happens then PESCO will give time to the people to pay their bills. Natural accidents means earthquake, flood, storms, volcanic activities, war, heat waves, drought, fire and many more. In these circumstances if any person can’t be able to pay bill on time PESCO will give time to that person to pay the bill.
  3. Difficult Situation: If a person going through some very difficult situation or financial problems in which he can’t pay his bill. Then he can make a request to PESCO to give him more time to pay his bill.
  4. Request Approval: After receiving your request, PESCO will consider your request and see your situation. And according to your situation, if it looks real. PESCO will accept your request. Remember this, PESCO not approve every request. It depends on the circumstances.
  5. Contact: If PESCO BILLS approved your request. Then they’ll contact you to tell you the new deadline or new date for paying your bill. They’ll contact you through your email, phone number or by writing it on bill.
  6. Extra Fees or Fine: If your request is approved and you get a new date to pay your bill that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay extra fees or fine. You have to pay on your new date to avoid any extra fees or fine. 
  7. Duty and Authority: Sometime PESCO will help you to pay your bills after deadline. But it’s your duty or authority to pay bills on time.

In short, sometimes PESCO will help you to pay your bills after deadline. But it’ll charge you extra fees. So, you should try to pay on time. And if there is any financial problem you can talk to PESCO about it and request for more time to avoid extra fees or fine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for PESCO Bills Online:
What is PESCO?
  • PESCO is a short form of Peshawar Electric Power Company, a electricity company in Pakistan. That provides electricity to its areas.
 How can I check my PESCO bill online?
  • Go to the official website of PESCO, then log in to your account and if you don’t have account then create a new account. Then give your bill reference number to the website and then you can see or check your bill.
Can I pay my PESCO bill online?
  • Yes, you can pay your PESCO bill online by using different methods like credit/debit cards, easypaisa/jazzcash, nayapay/sadapay, online banking, and mobile wallets.
Is it safe to pay my bill online?
  • Yes, online payment is the safest way to pay your bill. Your all information is safe and secure and you can pay it by your home or office anytime.
Are there penalties for late payments?
  • Yes, you may have to pay extra fees or fine for late payments or for doing payments after deadline. So, always try to pay your bill on time.
What should I do if there is an error on my PESCO bill?
  • You can contact to PESCO’S customer service by their email or by their phone number and tell them your complaint.


You can pay your PESCO bill online without any hesitation. You don’t have to stand in long lanes for hours to pay your bill. You can pay it anytime day or night and from anywhere. It’s the safest and secure way to pay your bills. You can also keep your all payment records and can download your bill.